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Administrative centre – Rokiškis
Area – 1806 km² (22.9 % of the county’s area)
Population – 29 102

Wards – Juodupė, Jūžintai, Kamajai, Kazliškis, Kriaunos,
Obeliai, Pandėlys, Panemunėlis, Rokiškis rural, Rokiškis

Rokiškis district municipality is located in the north-eastern part of Panevėžys county, at the border with Latvia, on the Aukštaičiai Plateau. The municipality is adorned with small hills, 99 lakes, where Sartai Lake is the longest lake of Lithuania and the biggest and the most beautiful river in the district is the Nemunėlis. Agricultural land makes up 56 %, forests – 28 %, roads – 2 %, built-up area – 2.3 %, water bodies – 3.8 %, other land – 7.9 % of the municipality.

There are three towns – Obeliai, Pandėlys, Rokiškis, and nine townships – Čedasai, Duokiškis, Juodupė, Jūžintai, Kamajai, Panemunėlis, Panemunis, Salos and Suvainiškis.

The centre of the district municipality – Rokiškis town – was first mentioned in 1499. It belonged to the Lithuanian noblemen – Astikas, Krošinskis, Tyzenhaus. The town started growing rapidly in 1873, after a railway line had been constructed. In 1916–1950, it was a county, from 1950 – a district centre. Rokiškis is famed for its old architecture, beautiful cultural traditions. The Independence Square, formed at the end of the 18th–beginning of the 19th century, is now a priceless architectural gem. The church of the Apostle and Evangelist St Matthew is the most beautiful Neo-Gothic ensemble in Lithuania. There is the Rokiškis Region Museum, located in the former mansion of Tyzenhaus, which includes 16 extant buildings, as well as a park (28.1 ha) with ponds.

According to the data of 2018 there are 613 running business entities in Rokiskis district. 5 biggest companies „Rokiškio sūris“, „Daivida“, „Ramundas GM“, „Ivabaltė“, „Lašų duona“ produce food (dairy, meat, bread) and offer agriculture machinery. They employ from 123 to 952 local inhabitants.

There are 25 city council member, elected for 4 years in 2023.

The mayor, Mr. Ramūnas Godeliauskas, is elected in direct election for 4 years in 2023.

The appointed director of municipality administration, Mr Valerijus Rancevas and 15 administration departments implement public administration funktion in the district, organize maintainance of municipality property, supervise work of municipal institutions.

Rokiškis district municipality has longterm partnership with 12 foreign towns. Since 2017 Rokiškis is the only member town of the international town twinning organization „Douzelage“. Since 2020 Rokiskis is a member of the Union of Baltic Cities.

Town guests can find information about tourism and leisure opportunities on In 2019 Rokiškis implemented a prestigious project „Rokiškis – Culture Capital of Lithuania 2019“

Information about local business, investment opportunities, available infrastructure and  projects  in Rokiškis district municipality.


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